BS to MS Program Admission

For current UW MSE students only

Current UW Materials Science and Engineering  undergraduate students may apply to the BS/MS program in senior year, after completion of the MSE junior core courses.

The BS-MS program is open for admission only to current UW MSE students.

The BS-MS program allows students to complete the MSE program with a non-thesis/project based master’s degree while adding only one year of study. With the approval of their faculty adviser, students may complete a thesis.

The BS/MS program is a more efficient and continuous academic program to complete a master’s degree. The greater depth of the program better prepares students for both industry and for Ph.D. programs. The program supports the industry's demand for MS-degreed graduates.

Requirements for application

  • Completed application, which includes the signature of your faculty adviser.
  • Unofficial copy of UW transcript showing completion of Junior core courses and Fall 2016 grades.
  • Personal statement.

Competitive applicants will have a GPA of 3.4 or above. 

Applications and deadline

Current UW Materials Science & Engineering  undergraduate students may apply to the BS/MS program in senior year, after completing the MSE junior core courses.

MSE MS/BS application Applications are due January 15, 2017.

Review process

The MSE Graduate Committee will review the applications and will make offers to the most qualified candidates.

After admission

If admitted to the program, students are required to complete a Graduate School application in order to be entered into the Graduate School. Additional information will be sent to the students after decisions are confirmed.   

BS/MS research

Students admitted into the BS/MS program will combine their BS senior project requirement (MSE 499) with the MS research requirement (MSE 600) and will begin their research starting Summer or Autumn Quarter following their senior year. This needs to get worked out with the student’s faculty adviser and the Graduate Program Adviser should be informed of this plan.

The student will receive 4 credits of MSE 499 for the undergraduate portion of the research program, then register for 9 or more credits of MSE 600 for the research requirement. Written and oral reports are required to complete the 499 credits, to be submitted before the end of the senior year. A final research project and presentation (or thesis if applicable) is required for the completion of the MS degree.

Academic plan

A minimum of 36 credits are required to graduate with at least 18 graded credits and 3 seminars.  

Sample outline of coursework

This can vary for each student and at the recommendation of the faculty adviser.

Autumn Winter Spring Summer**

MSE 510 3 cr

MSE 520 1 cr

MSE 600 3 cr

Grad Elective *3cr

MSE 541 3 cr

MSE 520 1 cr

MSE 600 3 cr

Grad Elective*3 cr

MSE 525 3 cr

MSE 520 1 cr

Grad Elective*3 cr

MSE 598 4 cr

MSE 600 3cr


MSE 600 2+

* Grad elective courses may be a 500 level engineering or physical science course, or approved 400 level courses. A total of at least 9 elective credits are required.

Additional information

Please see complete MSE Graduate Student requirements in the MSE Graduate Student Handbook

Upon acceptance

Students accepted into the BS/MS program by the department will then apply to the graduate school following acceptance into the program and while in their senior year.