Engineering Discovery Days

At Engineering Discovery Days, students and faculty share their work with students, teachers, families and the community. We hope you will join us for hands-on fun and learning. The 2-day event is free and open to everyone but registration is required.

The 2017 Engineering Discovery Days will be held on Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22. Registration is required. For details, see Engineering Discovery Days on the College of Engineering website.

Last year, MSE students and researchers hosted several popular events:

Electron Microscopy
Principle and applications of scanning electron microscopy.
Solar Cells
How solar cells work.
Slip Casting Demonstration
A common technique for making ceramics. Visitors are encouraged to participate.
Composite Materials
How you use them every day.
Organic Electronic and Photonic Materials
Optics in Materials
Explore the optical properties of materials.
Thermo-Reversible Gel
Effects of Hot & Cold on Materials
See the effects of very hot and very cold on materials from space shuttle tile to racquet balls and marshmallows.
Materials science inspired by nature.
Optical Microscopy in Materials Characterization
Use an optical microscope and camera to explore the world of microstructure and take your own pictures.
Undergraduate Research Opportunities
Get a feel for what it would be like to learn and work as a materials scientist engineer!

Students and teachers participate in hands-on activities that demonstrate the exciting work of engineers. The day's exhibits are oriented toward 4th through 8th grade students.

In addition to exhibits and activities for older students, high school students and their families can attend presentations starting at 9 a.m. for high school and community college students to learn about admissions, scholarships and financial aid, UW housing and food options, and the honors program.