Undergraduate Advising and Programs

MSE Advisers Karen Wetterhahn and Sandra Maddox

MSE academic advisers: Karen Wetterhahn (graduate student adviser) and Sandra Maddox (undergraduate student adviser)

Your Advisers

As an MSE undergraduate student, you have two advisers to help you make sure that you graduate and are prepared for your career or for further study:

MSE Academic Adviser

The undergraduate academic adviser helps you navigate admission to the department, degree requirements, internship opportunities, applying to graduate school, and career planning. The adviser can also assist you with other things that might be impeding your success, such as personal problems or problems with other UW campus units.  All students are encouraged to talk to their academic adviser frequently, but there are certain times you are required to meet with the MSE academic adviser:

  • When you are admitted to the program
  • When you file a graduation application (2-3 quarters before you graduate)
  • If you are on academic warning or probation

MSE Faculty Adviser

Your faculty adviser supervises your senior project and helps you tailor the curriculum for your career goals. You are encouraged to meet with your faculty adviser to:

  • Discuss your career goals
  • Choose electives and pursue internship options based on these discussions


MyPlan is where you plan your academic program and monitor your academic progress. Log in to MyPlan through MyUW, or directly.   The undergraduate advisor can assist you in getting the most out of MyPlan, as well as collaborate with you on constructing your plans.

Undergraduate Student Forms

UW Change of Major/Minor Form

Undergraduate Non-MSE Major Course Request Petition NOTE: ONLY required for MSE 300-400 level courses open only to MSE majors

MSE Major Course Substitution Petition

UW Registration Transaction Form
For any of the following: Time Conflicts / Change in Variable Credit / International Student Course Drop / Section Change / Course Dropped in Error

Undergraduate Handbook

The MSE Undergraduate Advising Canvas Site  (open to MSE undergraduate majors) is your reference guide to graduating with a B.S. degree in Materials Science & Engineering. It includes information about expectations for students, graduation requirements, finding employment, and other helpful tools to support the undergraduate MSE student experience.

B.S. Degree Requirements »
List of required courses, broken down by subject (math, communications, electives, etc.) and a printable sample 4-year schedule.
B.S. with Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering Option Requirements »
For direct or early admission students, how to declare the 'MSE with NME' major.
MSE Honors Program »
Requirements for departmental honors designation and how to get ad hoc honors credit for advanced MSE courses.
Student Clubs and Organizations »
Information about MSE-related organizations of interest to undergraduates
Study Abroad for MSE Undergraduates »
Coming soon: Study abroad programs of particular interest to MSE undergraduates.
Undergraduate Research »
Coming soon: Information for MSE undergraduates interested in research.
Careers and Internships »
Information about the Career Center @ Engineering and a list of MSE-specific jobs from HuskyJobs.