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MSE 520: Seminar Series

Each autumn, winter, and spring quarter, the department presents a series of weekly seminars on a broad range of interests, industries, and professions. MSE students and alumni are encouraged to attend. Graduate students receive MSE520 credits for attending.

The Winter 2017 Seminar Series will take place on Mondays at 4:00 p.m. in Mueller 153

Winter 2017 Seminars

January 9 Kannan Krishnan
Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
University of Washington
January 16 NO SEMINAR (Holiday)
January 23

Jeffrey Pyun
From Garbage to Plastics and Beyond: Polymerizations with Elemental Sulfur
Professor, Organic Chemistry
Arizona State University

January 30 Omid Veiseh
Immune Modulatory Biomaterials for Cell-based Therapies
Assistant Professor, Bioengineering
Rice University
February 6 Cancelled due to University closure
February 13 Dr. Sheng Dai
Chemical Sciences Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
February 20 NO SEMINAR (Holiday)
February 27 Dr. Aaron Feaver
Chief Technology Officer
March 6 Dan Hutchins
Introduction to Patent Law
Patent Attorney
Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

Past Seminars (2016)

Chair’s Welcome
Alex K-Y. Jen,
MSE Department Chair, University of Washington

Forming of Aluminum Alloys for Lightweight Automotive Applications
Aashish Rohatgi
Energy Materials - Transportation and Industrial Materials Group
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Engineering Optoelectronic Point Defects in Nanoscale Ceramic Materials
Peter Pauzauskie,
Assistant Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
University of Washington

The Interplay between Solid Electrolyte Interface (SEI) and Lithium Dendrite/Efficiency
Jie Xiao
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Arkansas

3-D-printing to Study the Biomechanics of Fish Tails
Michael Porter,
Assistant Professor of Mechanics,
Clemson University

Organic Photovoltaics: The Need for and Progress Towards Quantitative Structure-function Relations
Harald Ade,
Distinguished Professor, Physics
North Carolina State University

A holistic view of nucleation and self-assembly
Jim De Yoreo,
Manager, Physical Sciences, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Affiliate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering, UW

Genetically Engineered Peptide-enabled Biotechnology & Dental Tissue Engineering
Deniz Tanil Yucesoy
Ph.D. Candidate, UW MSE

The role of an accurate description of local structure to inform our understanding of nucleation and assembly
Chris Mundy,
Scientist, Chemical Physics & Analysis
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory